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Silicon ISFETs

2015 Ph.D., Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Bern, Switzerland
2012 M.Sc., Department of chemistry, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

List of publications

  1. Exploitation of desilylation chemistry in tailor-made functionalization on diverse surfaces
    Y. Fu, S. Chen, A. Kuzume, A. Rudnev, C. Huang, V. Kaliginedi, M. Baghernejad, W. Hong, T. Wandlowski, S. Decurtins, and S. –X. Liu.
    Nature Communications, 6, , 2015 [DOI]
  2. Controlling Electrical Conductance through a π-Conjugated Cruciform Molecule by Selective Anchoring to Gold Electrodes
    C. Huang, S. Chen, K. Baruël Ørnsø, D. Reber, M. Baghernejad, Y. Fu, T. Wandlowski, S. Decurtins, W. Hong, K. S. Thygesen, and S. –X. Liu.
    Angewandte Chemie – International Edition, 54(48), 14304-14307, 2015 [DOI]
  3. Three-State Single-Molecule Naphthalenediimide Switch: Integration of a Pendant Redox Unit for Conductance Tuning
    Y. Li, M. Baghernejad, A. –G. Qusiy, D. Zsolt Manrique, G. Zhang, J. Hamill, Y. Fu, P. Broekmann, W. Hong, T. Wandlowski, D. Zhang, and C. Lambert.
    Angewandte Chemie – International Edition, 54(46), 13586-13589, 2015 [DOI]
  4. A quantum circuit rule for interference effects in single-molecule electrical junctions
    D. Z. Manrique, C. Huang, M. Baghernejad, X. Zhao, O. A. AlOwaedi, H. Sadeghi, V. Kaliginedi, W. Hong, M. Gulcur, T. Wandlowski, M. R. Bryce, and C. J. Lambert.
    Nature Communications, 6, , 2015 [DOI]
  5. Highly-effective gating of single-molecule junctions: An electrochemical approach
    M. Baghernejad, D. Z. Manrique, C. Li, T. Pope, U. Zhumaev, I. Pobelov, P. MorenoGarcía, V. Kaliginedi, C. Huang, W. Hong, C. Lambert, and T. Wandlowski.
    Chemical Communications, 50(100), 15975-15978, 2014 [DOI]
  6. Electrochemical control of single-molecule conductance by fermi-level tuning and conjugation switching
    M. Baghernejad, X. Zhao, K. Baruël Ørnsø, M. Füeg, P. MorenoGarcía, A. V. Rudnev, V. Kaliginedi, S. Vesztergom, C. Huang, W. Hong, P. Broekmann, T. Wandlowski, K. S. Thygesen, and M. R. Bryce.
    Journal of the American Chemical Society, 136(52), 17922-17925, 2014 [DOI]
  7. Novel unbreakable solid-phase microextraction fibers on stainless steel wire and application for the determination of oxadiargyl in environmental and agricultural samples in combination with gas chromatography-mass spectrometry
    A. EsHaghi, M. Baghernejad, and H. Bagheri.
    Talanta, 128, 231-236, 2014 [DOI]
  8. The synthesis of functionalised diaryltetraynes and their transport properties in single-molecule junctions
    M. Gulcur, P. MorenoGarcía, X. Zhao, M. Baghernejad, A. S. Batsanov, W. Hong, M. R. Bryce, and T. Wandlowski.
    Chemistry – A European Journal, 20(16), 4653-4660, 2014 [DOI]
  9. Promising anchoring groups for single-molecule conductance measurements
    V. Kaliginedi, A. V. Rudnev, P. MorenoGarcía, M. Baghernejad, C. Huang, W. Hong, and T. Wandlowski.
    Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 16(43), 23529-23539, 2014 [DOI]
  10. Oligo(aryleneethynylene)s with terminal pyridyl groups: Synthesis and length dependence of the tunneling-to-hopping transition of single-molecule conductances
    X. Zhao, C. Huang, M. Gulcur, A. S. Batsanov, M. Baghernejad, W. Hong, M. R. Bryce, and T. Wandlowski.
    Chemistry of Materials, 25(21), 4340-4347, 2013 [DOI]
  11. Novel polyamide-based nanofibers prepared by electrospinning technique for headspace solid-phase microextraction of phenol and chlorophenols from environmental samples
    H. Bagheri, A. Aghakhani, M. Baghernejad, and A. Akbarinejad.
    Analytica Chimica Acta, 716, 34-39, 2012 [DOI]
  12. In situ solid-phase microextraction and post on-fiber derivatization combined with gas chromatography-mass spectrometry for determination of phenol in occupational air
    A. Eshaghi, M. Baghernejad, and H. Bagheri.
    Analytica Chimica Acta, 742, 17-21, 2012 [DOI]